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Who do Mama Grizzlies vote for?

August 27, 2010

Obviously Mama Grizzly bears vote for Sarah Palin. Why? Because Sarah comes from Alaska, and so do grizzly bears and their mamas. Alaska is also close to Russia, which is called the “great bear”, and Sarah stares them down when she wakes up in the morning. She is fearless. She knows.

So … she can speak on behalf of grizzly bears.

Democrats don’t know grizzly bears. They probably have only seen them in the zoo. They haven’t lived in Alaska, and probably have NEVER seen Russia. But, Democrats have lefty friends in Hollywood who have deep pockets like that Star Wars guy who can make mean videos about our Mama Grizzly. They can get free wookie or ewok suits, which kinda look like grizzly bears.

So, vote for Sarah Palin, one angry Mama Bear.

Tracking climate change opinion

August 1, 2010
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Spicing it up on Youtube

July 14, 2010
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If you haven’t seen the shirtless old spice guy videos, they are hilarious. Here are a few of the video responses to stars and other prominents as collected by Chad Catacchio of The Next Web.

Ryan Seacrest

Tweeted on June 30 to Shirtless Old Spice Guy, and he responded today…

Ashton Kutcher

Tweeted today in support of Kevin Rose, and Shirtless Old Spice Guy responded…

Rose McGowan

Tweeted today in response to Alyssa Milano’s tweet, and Shirtless Old Spice Guy responded…

Ellen Degeneres

Tweeted on July 1 to Shirtless Old Spice Guy, and he responded today…

Justine Bateman

Tweeted today to Shirtless Old Spice Guy, he responded…

Apolo Ohno

Tweeted on July 8 to Shirtless Old Spice Guy, who responded today…

Kevin Rose

Tweeted on June 30 to Shirtless Old Spice Guy, who responded today…

Biz Stone

Tweeted today, and Shirtless Old Spice Guy responded…

Jason Calacanis

Tweeted today and Shirtless Old Spice Guy responded…

Guy Kawasaki

Tweeted today, and Shirtless Old Spice Guy responded…

Humor in Dark and Digital Times – A Video Mashup

June 9, 2010
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Dark or black humor has always been fascinating to me – finding something funny in dismal times clearly shows how resilient humanity can be.

My introduction to black humor was Monty Python, and more specifically the movie the Holy Grail. Two of my favorites are Black Knight and Bring out Your Dead.

With the digital age and youtube we now don’t have to wait for geniuses such as Python to write and produce videos and get them to TV, the movies or VHS. Now with little production time and no cost, videos reflect what is happening now, and can have direct and immediate impact.

One example of this real-time dark humor is in regards to the spill in the gulf. A great video was done by John Clarke and Brian Dawe of the 7.30 Report (Australia) which skewers the duplicity of BP.

On a different (musical) note demonstrating the use of humor in dark times, is a music video done by the Best Party from Reykjavik, Iceland to Tina Turners song “Simply the Best”.

The Best Party is like the Rhino Party and other spoof parties who are created as a protest to the traditional parties in the political system – this party was created due to the massive lack of confidence in government after the country went bankrupt. What is ironic is that in this case the Best Party,  whose comedian leader campaigned on clean politics, free towels in city swimming pools and a polar bear for the zoo, took over 30 percent of the vote and won six seats on the 15-seat city council. Humor in dark times trumps.

Dark humor is an effective tool, and yet in the end Python gets it right.

Large Air Spill At Wind Farm. No Threats Reported. Some Claim To Enjoy The Breeze. (PICTURE)

May 4, 2010
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